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Learn your knowledge points faster

The Taxi Knowledge App is the most efficient way to learn Points

The Taxi Knowledge App uses a memory technique called spaced repetition, which is the most efficient way to learn large amounts of information quickly.

Developed by Bruce Greig, an Oxford University psychologist and software designer.

You’ll learn the locations of thousands of Points, including Embassies, Nightclubs, Places of Worship, Hotels, Theatres and more.

The Taxi Knowledge App works by testing you on each Point just before you are likely to forget it. As you learn, the time between each reminder increases (until you can remember something for several years without needing a reminder).

You don’t waste time learning Points that you remember easily. The app will automatically focus your effort where it is needed, on those Points for which your memory is weaker.

The technique automatically puts more effort into those Points you are struggling to learn and less effort into those Points which you remember easily.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you learn. And how enjoyable and satisfying it is compared to reading through pages of points lists.

9 reasons
to use the Taxi Knowledge App

• App developed by a psychologist and software designer from Oxford University

• Uses the same learning technique recommended by expert linguists like Benny Lewis for learning thousands of foreign-language words

• Get your Green Badge sooner by learning your Points faster

• Automatically focus each study session on those Points you are starting to forget

• Spending less time on Pointing means you have more time to learn your Runs

• You can study on your phone whenever you have a spare moment in the day

Master every one of the thousands of points that you might be asked about at your appearances

• You’ll enjoy learning with the Taxi Knowledge App because you’ll experience more success and less frustration

It’s free. Yep, you can get this super-charged memory tool for free on your iPhone. The free app comes with 120 points pre-installed. Once you’ve learnt those, you can purchase sets of more Points within the app.

Science Bit

Trying to learn Points by going over daily lists is probably the least efficient way to learn. You’ll still learn that way, because that’s how thousands of Knowledge boys and girls have learnt before you. But you’ll learn Points faster with the Taxi Knowledge App. You’ll learn more efficiently, with less frustration and less effort. It’s like cruising along the Westway after slogging through the traffic on Euston Road.

Scientists have known for decades that the best way to memorise something is to test yourself every so often, and for ‘every so often’ to be spread out over increasingly longer periods of time.

The first time you learn a Point, you'll likely forget it quite quickly. Your memory of that point decays over time. The next time you learn it, your memory decays a little slower. If you time each exposure to that Point carefully, your memory for that point will be stronger and decay more slowly. Eventually the memory will stay strong for years without further prompting.

Each time you test yourself your memory for that fact becomes stronger and decays more slowly.

The Taxi Knowledge App keeps a record of how easily you remembered each Point, every time you test yourself on it. As your memory for that Point strengthens, the Taxi Knowledge App automatically sets the optimal interval for that Point to be shown to you again. You’ll find learning more enjoyable, because each Point pops up while you still remember it (yay!), not after you’ve forgotten it (urgh!).

There is no memory or retentive faculty based on lasting impression. What we designate as memory is but increased responsiveness to repeated stimuli.

Nikola Tesla, Serbian inventor

A man's real possession is his memory. In nothing else is he rich, in nothing else is he poor.

Alexander Smith

Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Try the Taxi Knowledge App for free

Stop wasting your time trying to read and remember never-ending lists of Points.

Get the Taxi Knowledge App and put your Pointing into overdrive.

The app is free and comes with one set of 120 Points. If you find the Taxi Knowledge App helps you learn those Points (and I’m very sure it will), you can purchase thousands more Points right inside the app.

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PS Remember the app is free, so you can try it out with no risk.

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